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  • Graphic of Grace, upset on the phone, inside the circle of the intersex flag. To her right, shaded out, is the nurse who made insensitive comments about intersex medical abuse.

Will & Grace’s “Broadway Boundaries” Shocks with Joke About Intersex Medical Abuse

March 27th, 2020|

Will & Grace’s 243rd episode, "Broadway Boundaries," seems unaware that it started a difficult conversation among LGBTQIA+ viewers. And not for the better. Midway through Season 11, episode 15, a pregnant Grace asks her nurse what her baby’s gender is. The nurse replies that she should “look between the legs.” The nurse then tells Grace

  • Purple graphic with images of Bria in the background

Bria Recaps Their interACT Internship

February 4th, 2020|

  In seven months I went from sweating profusely during classroom presentations to talking about my experience as an intersex person in front of more than 300 healthcare professionals at the Trans Health Conference in Boston. This internship has helped me find my confidence and my voice as an intersex advocate. I used to be

  • Glamour Photo of Jackie Green for Intersex Advocacy

Accepting Myself as an Intersex Woman

March 22nd, 2017|

My name is Jackie Green and for as long as I can remember my biggest fear in life was that someone would find out that I had XY chromosomes - a fact about me that you can’t see, feel, or sense in any way.  Yet I still found myself afraid of what others would think

What Hanne Gaby Odeile Means For Intersex People – Like Me

January 25th, 2017|

In addition to being an Intersex activist and political campaigns consultant, Susannah Temko who lives in London is also a member of interACT Youth. Susannah wrote this reflection for Huffington Post UK on fashion model Hanne Gaby Odeile’s recent disclosure has meant to her. PHOTO CREDIT: VAN TINE DENNIS/ABACA USA

DON’T leave out the ‘I’ – the obligations of being inclusive….

December 1st, 2016|

interACT Board Member Mani Mitchell's posted this on facebook and we absolutely had to share it. Thank you, Mani, for sharing your experiences and providing a unique perspective that we hope will open minds and spread awareness. Words from the road: Bangkok. Todays 'Ted Talk': DON’T leave out the ‘I’ – the obligations of being

Can You Be Born Intersex Without Knowing? It Happened to Me

October 26th, 2016|

Is it possible to be intersex without knowing? I discovered I was intersex by watching a Buzzfeed video. By Irene     My doctors never talked to me. And my father kept everything secret from me for 7 years. Last year I discovered the truth because of the “What It's Like To Be Intersex” Buzzfeed