Intersex Brochures and Guides

Our staff and intersex Youth write brochures and other educational materials. The What We Wish brochure series tells the public what intersex people wish others in their lives knew. These resources are free to use for educators. All resources are PDFs in English.

If you would like to purchase physical brochures or booklets in bulk, please email

Volunteers have offered select translations of some of these resources. If a brochure has other languages available, it will be listed underneath the English link.

“What We Wish” Brochure Series by Intersex Youth

what we wish our teachers knew brochure preview
BROCHURE Intersex resource Modernized Process to Change Sex Markers on Passports

Resources for Intersex People and Their Families

interACT Advocates intersex brochure
Brochure Intersex Resource Modernized Process to Change Sex Markers on Passports
Intersex in the Workplace guide cover image

Intersex Resources for Medical Providers

Intersex Affirming Hospital Policies