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interACT Media works to respectfully include the voices of intersex people in various media to raise awareness about intersex issues. We consult on various projects, providing expertise, information and real intersex stories.

Media Guide: Covering the Intersex Community

This media guide is a great resource for members of the media looking to cover an intersex topic or issue.

“I’m Maria… I Happen To Like Girls. I Happen To Be Intersex.”

This video of interACT of member Maria Tridas was a collaboration between interact and imfromdriftwood. In the video Maria states, “Once you educate yourself about what it means to be intersex, you realize that it kind of relates to the larger picture of the world and that everything is so diverse and that humans are diverse, gender is diverse, it’s all on a spectrum. When you give yourself the knowledge about who you are at your core, it allows you to build your outer shell, that person that you are presenting to the world in the most beautiful, honest and confident way.”

Here are the 7 biggest intersex myths busted

Large LGBT organizations don’t cover intersex issues, but there is also need for visibility, and to change those hearts and minds. Gay Star News includes intersex in their coverage, as they believe in covering every sex and gender minority. This article addresses some of the many misconceptions about being intersex and acknowledges that the reason there are so many myths is that very few people outside of the intersex community know what intersex actually is. To help bust these myths, Gay Star News spoke with Kimberly Zeizelman, attorney, advocate and executive director of interACT and used interACT Youth media content to set the record straight.

Intersex Children Don’t Need Fixing

In this video, director of interACT Kimberly Zieselman shares her story and explains why visibility matters for intersex people and their families. She explains why interACT doesn’t just work on changing laws or medical policies—it also focuses on changing the media.

interACT is a grantee of the Open Society Foundations. At Open Society is a video series highlighting the people and ideas that are inspiring our work—and changing the world.

In the intersex community, we’re desperate for quality care. Doctors aren’t listening

interACT Executive Director Kimberly Zieselman explains why intersex rights advocates like herself are fighting to stop unnecessary and irreversible surgeries on healthy intersex kids too young to consent to them. In this article, she expresses that just because intersex rights advocates want doctors to delay unnecessary surgery on children doesn’t mean they don’t want more specialized intersex care. “What intersex people want from the medical community is for physicians to listen to us. We’ve been critical of medical practice, but we’re not the enemy, and we need your help to fix the legacy of marginalization that leaves many intersex adults with unmet health care needs,” states Zieselman.

What It’s Like To Be Intersex In Russia: “My Doctors Never Explained Anything Honestly To Me”

A Russian youth discovered she was intersex after watching interACT’s BuzzFeed video “What It’s Like To Be Intersex” Since learning the truth, she’s become a champion for the intersex community both in Russia and globally. interACT Executive Director Kimberly Zieselman was quoted in this article by Logo’s New Now Next, “We’re not against surgery for people who opt to have it,” Zieselman says. “We’re just saying that unless surgery is medically necessary, we should let these children grow up with whatever healthy genital tissue they’re born with, and let them make that decision for themselves when they’re older.”

The Intersex Rights Movement Is Ready For Its Moment

interACT worked with The Washington Posts for many months on this article that highlights several of our youth members.  The article states, “Instead of talking about intersex people as medical subjects, they are speaking the language of identity, human rights and pride. They want doctors, parents and society at large to take a less rigid approach to sexual identity — and especially to reconsider the assumption that, to identify as a man or a woman, a person needs the gonads, genitals and chromosomes to match.”

I was an intersex child who had surgery. Don’t put other kids through this.

interACT Executive Director, Kimberly Zieselman wrote an opinion piece in USA Today advocating for the end of unnecessary intersex procedures. “It’s not time for more data collection or dialogue; it’s time for these surgeries to stop.”

Hanne Gaby Odiele Explains How She Found Out She Is Intersex

In a video for Teen Vogue made with intersex youth advocacy organization InterACT, Hanne explains what being intersex means, and the journey she went through.

Why Intersex Genital Mutilation Needs to Stop

interACT consulted on this video by Teen Vogue that features three interACT Youth members: Hanne Gaby Odiele, Emily Quinn and Pidgeon Pagonis.  They talk about the human rights issue of intersex people across the world being subjected to genital surgery that aren’t needed or consensual. They share how these surgeries cause trauma and perpetuate the unnecessary shame and stigma associated with being intersex.

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele on Coming Out as Intersex: ‘Sharing My Story Has Made Me Stronger’

Hanne was featured in this article by Glamour that focuses on the strength she has gained through sharing her story. The article states, “Odiele wasn’t angry; she wasn’t self-shaming. She talks about intersex in a way that was just another kind of “normal,” and in doing so she is helping others come forward.”

USA Today Exclusive Interview

In an effort to be true to herself and spotlight an often invisible human rights issue, internationally acclaimed fashion model Hanne Gaby Odiele announced in an exclusive interview that she is intersex and will advocate for intersex bodily autonomy alongside interACT Advocates for Intersex Youth.

Vogue Interview

The article states, “In the new landscape of sex and gender—in a world where trans and gay rights have made incredible strides—intersex is perhaps the last taboo. Odiele’s decision to go public, to fully disclose the details of the body she was born with, and to become a spokesperson and advocate for the intersex community, is an act of enormous courage.”

The Washington Post Interview

Both Hanne and interACT Executive Director Kimberly Zieselman were interviewed for this piece in The Washington Post. In the article, Hanne states, “One of her most cherished reactions, she said, was that of her mother, who called her after watching the videos. She told her daughter it felt like weights had been lifted from her own shoulders.”

How a Top Model Also Became an Intersex Activist

This New York Times article explores Hanne’s decision to become an intersex activist and advocate for intersex youth.  “Hanne is making people aware of intersex, in a way that’s like what Caitlyn Jenner did for the trans movement,” said Elizabeth Reis, author of “Bodies in Doubt: An American History of Intersex.”

BBC Worldwide Interview

interACT Executive Director Kimberly Zieselman along with Holly Greenberry from Intersex UK and Kitty Anderson from Intersex Iceland were all interviewed for this podcast on BBC Worldwide. The intersex segment begins at 37:00.

Hanne Gaby Odiele is the world’s first intersex supermodel

This article in Time Magazine states Hanne’s acknowledgment of being intersex is a milestone for the movement and quotes interACT Executive Director Kimberly Zieselman. “She’s the most high-profile person to ever disclose her intersex status, so this was so brave and it’s really going to be historic,” she says. “She’s going from supermodel to role model.” The article also includes a video featuring Hanne as “A Next Generation Leader.”

Intersex Youth Poised to Complicate School Bathroom Battle

interACT youth member, Ellie was the focus of this NBC News article about how intersex youth are affected by the school bathroom battle. interACT Deputy Legal Director Alesdair Ittelson, was quoted in the article saying, “A bill segregating folks based on biological sex inadvertently targets and demeans those born with intersex traits as well.”

Should We ‘Fix’ Intersex Children?

interACT consulted with The Atlantic on this article spotlighting the parents of an intersex child involved in the landmark lawsuit against the hospitals and doctors who treated their child. interACT also arranged for The Atlantic to meet with other members of the intersex community.

2017 Pride Video

interACT consulted on the narrative voice and interpretive dance moves depicting “Intersex” used in this 2017 Pride video produced by the Wieden & Kennedy ad agency for The Center in NYC.

Normalizing Intersex

interACT consulted on the publication of “Normalizing Intersex” – a special edition of the Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics Journal published in partnership with the the Voices project.

Good Housekeeping

interACT consulted with Good Housekeeping and provided them with several women to interview for the article titled “Falling In Between: Inside the Lives of Intersex Women.”  The article explores What happens when you’re born with the genes of one gender and the body of the other — or somewhere in the middle?

Logo’s Global Ally Campaign

Logo’s Global Ally campaign invited interACT to participate in the creation of an intersex page for their website. One of our interACT youth members, Axel Keeting, was featured in a video explaining intersex issues.

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Salt Lake Tribune Op-ed

interACT Youth Coordinator Emily Quinn wrote a brilliant Op-ed for the Salt Lake Tribune titled “We are intersex people, and we don’t need to be ‘fixed’ by surgeries.”

United Nations Free & Equal: Intersex Awareness

The United Nations is calling on governments and parents to protect intersex children from harm. On Intersex Awareness Day 2016, they launched an Intersex Awareness campaign that featured interACT staff, board and youth members.

Fox News Apology

Outraged when Fox News reported Facebook’s new user identity options including intersex, which an anchor mocked on air saying, “whatever that means,” some interACT Youth sent an open letter to Fox News after which the same news anchor comment apologized on air.

This Is What It’s Like To Discover You’re Intersex As A Teen

Two of our youth shared their stories with MTV News in honor of Intersex Awareness Day.

MTV’s Look Different: What’s it like to be intersex?

We connected MTV with one of our youth for this interview on what it is like to be intersex.

Intersex Article in Boston Pride Guide

interACT Executive Director, Kimberly Zieselman wrote an article for the Boston Pride Guide that covered many topics including how the LGBTQA community and intersex global rights movement are battling some of the same societal constraints associated with not fitting into narrow understandings about bodies and identities.

The Dr. Phil Show

Provided consult and an intersex expert for the November 30, 2015 Episode of The Dr. Phil Show.

Everyday Feminism

Our youth worked with them to create a fantastic article published in March 2015 that shared “9 Ways Intersex Youth Want You to Support Them.

MTV Intersex Awareness Day Video

One of our youth shared her story with MTV for this Intersex Awareness Day animated piece.

ABC Nightline

Worked for months with Nightline ABC on the production of Intersex Children: Journey Between Genders

Oxford University Press

What is Intersex? FAQ written by InterACT Youth members was selected for publication in the Intersex Lives Chapter of Queer: A Reader for Writers, a college writing textbook published by Oxford University Press.


Provided consult and an intersex speaker for the 2015 Tedx Grand Rapids, MI.

MTV Faking It

interACT provided consult for development of teen intersex character “Lauren Cooper” in Faking it season two and three, educated cast and crew about intersex, and regularly consulted producer and writers on scripts and story development. Our Youth Coordinator, Emily Q. was featured in a video with Bailey De Young.


Worked with Buzzfeed to create the “What it’s like to be interex” video with over 2 million views. The video has been used in workshops and trainings across the globe including the United Nations.

None of the Above

Consulted with author I.W. Gregorio on the development of the young adult novel, None of the Above, whose main protagonist is an intersex teen.

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