interACT was proud to be the official intersex consultants for MTV’s hit television show Faking It for three seasons. Take a look at how our collaboration impacted intersex advocacy.

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How It All Began: interACT Consulting with MTV’s Faking It

MTV’s Faking It’s Executive Producer Carter Covington was referred by GLAAD to interACT’s Executive Director, Kimberly Zieselman, to collaborate on portrayal of TV’s first intersex main character. After this initial contact, interACT recognized Faking It’s goal of conveying positive messages for LGBTQI youth was an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness about intersex; linking the show with interACT’s Youth members was the logical next step.

Two interACT Youth members joined Zieselman and met in L.A. with Covington, Bailey De Young (actress for Lauren) and the Faking it writers during which they discussed what it was like growing up intersex. After this meeting, interACT provided a training for the entire Faking it cast and began receiving draft scripts from MTV to provide feedback on the evolving intersex storyline through seasons 2 & 3.  

Carter Covington and interACT members Arti and Emily.
Executive Producer Carter Covington, interACT Youth member Arti Tripathi and Emily Quinn raising intersex awareness at the 2016 Creating Change Conference in Chicago.

Fostering Intersex Advocates: interACT and Bailey De Young

In July of 2015, interACT executive director, Kimberly Zieselman, presented actress, Bailey De Young, with the Honorary Orchid Award at AIS-DSD Support Group’s 20th annual conference in Cincinnati, OH.

Bailey De Young probably had no idea she would become such an inspiring contributor to the intersex rights movement. When approached about supporting interACT’s fight for intersex rights, Young wholeheartedly agreed on multiple occasions, all of which were outside of the scope of work for her role for the show.  After receiving the Honorary Orchid Award she signed autographs and posed in pictures for countless intersex youth, many of whom personally related with Young’s character, Lauren.

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Faking It Moments We Will Always Remember

We are grateful for all of our time working with the amazing Faking It team. There are some very specific moments we will continue to cherish, many of which help to propel intersex awareness to new heights.

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The Beginning…

Visits from interACT with the writers and cast of the show in Los Angeles, California. interACT staff and youth advocates shared personal stories and educated the Faking it team about intersex.

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Coming Out as Intersex

Along Lauren’s journey towards coming out as intersex, interACT provided provide feedback on each script and the evolving intersex storyline through seasons 2 & 3. 


Raising Awareness

After expressing the importance of educating viewers about intersex. Faking It’s Bailey De Young and interACT’s Emily Quinn teamed up to share 9 things you need to know about being intersex.

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Speaking Out

interACT worked with MTV’s Look Different campaign to feature “What’s it like to be intersex?” by interviewing one of our youth advocates.

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Sharing Stories

interACT Youth coordinator, Emily Quinn, shared her story with MTV for an Intersex Awareness Day animated piece.