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interACT employs novel legal strategies to protect children born with intersex traits. We work tirelessly in settings across the nation, and occasionally abroad, to ensure that the human rights abuses experienced by intersex people are put to an end. To accomplish this, interACT advocates on behalf of young people in the courts, in the development of local and national policy, and through collaboration on research to address pressing issues identified by the intersex community.

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Official interACT Policy on Participation in Research

interACT is eager to collaborate with researchers who are interested in conducting research into issues that matter to our community--people born with variations of sex anatomy, also known as intersex traits--and their families. Our Medical Research

59th Session of the UN Convention Against Torture

The interACT legal team recently submitted a document to the 59th Session of the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT) urging them to consider some key questions around intersex in the future periodic review of the

Response to National Institutes of Health SGM Comments

NIH Recognizes need to address intersex human rights and other community priorities in research interACT is making an impact by helping to set better priorities and better standards for federally funded intersex research.