interACT Law & Policy

Anne in a blue suit with her hair up in a bun, about to speak at a podium

interACT’s founder, Anne Tamar-Mattis, JD.

interACT works across the nation and beyond to protect children born with intersex traits and ensure that the human rights abuses experienced by the intersex community are put to an end. To accomplish this, interACT advocates on behalf of intersex youth in the courts, in the development of local and national policy, and through collaboration on research to address pressing issues identified by the intersex community.

interACT remains the only intersex-led advocacy organization in the United States with the ability to employ full-time lawyers who work for intersex bodily autonomy.

More About Laws and Policies Protecting Intersex People

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SB 225 Updates – Incorporates Community Feedback

California State Capitol Building in Sacramento On February 12, many members of the intersex community joined our community listening session to give valuable feedback about legislative strategy. Others called or emailed with specific questions or