The interACT Team

interACT is a dedicated team of attorneys and advocates, intersex people and allies. We are the only intersex-led policy organization in the United States.

Each member of our staff works remotely, keeping our costs low and our lives balanced. Our incredible network of over 60 interACT Youth advocates keeps the work moving nationwide, and beyond.

Erika Lorshbough, (they/she)
Executive Director

Erika is an intersex advocate and activist for civil and human rights. Most recently, Erika served as deputy director for policy at the New York Civil Liberties Union and led the organization’s extremely successful statewide legislative program advancing principles of freedom, justice, and equality. Along with their experience in program and organizational management, Erika brings two decades of heart work in community organizing and social action. Their law and policy experience has spanned the areas of gender and sexuality, voting rights and democracy, economic justice, criminal legal system reform, and the rights of people experiencing detention and incarceration. Erika completed their undergraduate studies in psychology and public policy at UCLA and the Luskin School of Public Affairs and received their J.D. from Brooklyn Law School. In addition to numerous public interest awards and legal fellowships, Erika has been honored as a Rising Star by the Brooklyn Law School Alumni Association, and was named one of the Best LGBTQ+ Lawyers Under 40 by the National LGBTQ+ Bar Association. Erika is a certified restorative justice practitioner, an adoring caretaker of plants and animals (and people!), and a fan of wandering and getting lost from time to time.

Sylvan Fraser, JD (they/them)
Staff Attorney

Sylvan became involved with interACT as an intern, transitioning to full-time staff after graduating from UC Berkeley School of Law in 2015. While in school, Sylvan also served on two law journals and co-ran the Berkeley chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. The California Law Review and the International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare have published Sylvan’s work, which focuses on gender-based violence and promoting intersex rights.

Bria Brown-King (they/them)
Director of Engagement

Bria identifies as a queer, intersex, and non-binary masculine presenting Black person. They are currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Bria’s intersex variation is Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, CAH for short. Bria started doing advocacy work as an intern with interACT where they published articles for them, the ACLU, and Teen Vogue. They were also the first out intersex person to speak about intersex issues on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Bria also serves as an advisory board member for Astraea’s Lesbian Foundation for Justice as a part of their Intersex Human Rights Fund. Bria is also an advisory board member for the Non-binary & Intersex Recognition Project.

Maddie Moran (they/them)
Director of Communications

Maddie Moran is an intersex, queer and non-binary person living in Philadelphia. Maddie joined interACT as a Youth advocate in 2019, giving talks about their own medical history to advocate for bodily autonomy and respect for intersex variations. You can find their writing in Teen Vogue on intersex surgery and dating as well as a personal essay they wrote for interACT’s blog about having MRKH. Maddie comes to interACT with a history of justice-oriented work, most recently for people who are currently incarcerated.

Marissa Adams (she/her)
Program Coordinator

Marissa is a queer intersex woman and one of interACT’s founding Youth members. She also works as the Communications and Support Coordinator for