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Intersex legislation news at the level of individual U.S. states.

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Idaho: Veto HB500 and Stop Discrimination Against Intersex and Transgender Athletes

March 18th, 2020|

  In light of Idaho's House and Senate passing a bill that would allow invasive sex testing on student athletes, interACT's Executive Director penned this open letter to Governor Brad Little.   Dear Governor Little, It has come to our attention that House Bill 500, if signed, would mandate an extremely harmful, unscientific, and discriminatory

  • Hearing of SB 201 in the California Senate B&P committee.

California’s Legislative Fight to Protect Intersex Children Pushed to 2020

April 8th, 2019|

interACT staff, Board, and Youth members pose with sponsoring Senator Scott Wiener and allies from the ACLU and Equality California. (Eler de Grey)   California's Legislative Fight to Protect Intersex Children From Nonconsensual Genital Surgeries Pushed to 2020 Senator Wiener and the medical professionals and civil rights organizations supporting SB 201 will bring it back

Press Kit: interACT Announces California’s SB 201!

February 4th, 2019|

  SB 201 would ensure that people born with variations in their sex characteristics and genitalia are given the opportunity to provide informed consent before any medical treatments that could irreversibly affect puberty, sexual function, or fertility, including reducing a clitoris, creating a vagina, or removing healthy gonadal tissue.    California Senator Scott Wiener

  • interACT staff and allies at the Sacramento capitol building after a victorious hearing for SCR-110.

VICTORY: California is the First in the U.S. to Pass Legislation on Intersex Rights

August 28th, 2018|

HISTORY: MADE! Today, interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, Equality California, and California State Senator Scott Wiener celebrate the passing of the first legislation in U.S. history to name the harms of non-consensual medical interventions on intersex people. Earlier today the state of California passed SCR-110, a resolution calling on the medical profession to heed international human rights guidelines and

interACT Condemns HB 2 in an Official Response

March 29th, 2016|

In one day, many of our LGBTQI friends in North Carolina lost all protections... and all of the public bathrooms! Now we see how quickly our protections can disappear. This bill was proposed, debated, voted on by both legislative branches and signed by the governor in one day. And once one state topples, the rest follow right along,

interACT responds to South Dakota anti-trans bill

February 18th, 2016|

UPDATE: Since the time this article was written on March 1, 2016 Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed the bill that would have made South Dakota the first state. to approve a law requiring transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms that match their birth sex. Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard had an initial positive reaction to the

“I Really Have to Go”

March 24th, 2015|

“Hold on honey,” I imagine myself saying to one of my daughters as I veer from a stream of hurried travelers at the crowded Dallas airport and head toward a desperately needed women’s restroom after a long flight from Boston. “Stay here with daddy for a few minutes while mommy uses the restroom, be right