Our Board of Directors

President | Georgiann Davis
President | Georgiann Davisintersex sociologist Nevada, Las Vegas, U.S.
When youth speak, I listen. It’s an honor to support and serve an organization that centers youth voices in the fight for human rights and social change.
Julie Greenberg, JD
Julie Greenberg, JDSecretary | San Diego, California, U.S.
InterACT listens to intersex youth and helps provide forums where their voices can be heard and their needs can be met.
Alice Alvarez
Alice AlvarezYouth Representative | Chino, California, U.S.
I discovered I was born intersex at age 12 but it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I was finally able to meet others like me and make connections with the intersex community. It changed my life. I joined interACT Youth and have become an intersex advocate! I am proud to be working with an organization that is having a real impact by making this world a better place for Intersex children
Karen Walsh
Karen WalshTreasurer | Ranson, WV, U.S.
Intersex is natural and I want kids to grow up knowing that. So, I am deeply committed to interACT and its youth programs, and the work we’re doing to stop nonconsensual surgeries on infants
Lynnell Stephani Long
Lynnell Stephani LongVice President | Chicago, IL
I support interACT because intersex lives matter, and interACT is helping Intersex people.
Arlene Baratz, MD
Arlene Baratz, MDChair, Medical Research & Policy Committee | Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, U.S.
Chair, Medical Research & Policy Committee
interACT educates people about medical issues in a human rights context. I’m grateful to be able to offer that human rights perspective in discussions of informed decision-making and patient-centered care.
Eric Lohman
Eric LohmanMilwaukee, WI, U.S.
As the father of a child born with an intersex condition, I know first-hand the pressure that new parents can face from the medical community to consent to unnecessary surgeries. I feel it is important for me to be an advocate so that I can show people that children born with intersex conditions can lead happy, healthy lives, and that they deserve the fundamental human right to make informed decisions about their bodies.
Reid Williams
Reid WilliamsNew York, NY, U.S.
The intersex community has been ignored for far too long. I am proud to work with them to fight for the rights they deserve
Axel Keating
Axel KeatingNew York, NY, U.S.
Intersex youth are the future. Through interACT, we can see the power of youth organizing and experiences. I’m proud to be working with interACT to fight for the legal and human rights of intersex young people.
I.W. Gregorio
I.W. GregorioWestchester, PA, U.S.

My past few years of intersex advocacy have been the most rewarding in my career. In events across the country, two things have become apparent: how badly awareness is needed, and people’s willingness to learn. Every presentation I give, I give so that the intersex youth of tomorrow don’t have to live with the shame and stigma that so many have survived.

Emeritus Board Members

interACT is forever grateful for the people who helped move our organization to new heights!

Mani Bruce Mitchell
Mani Bruce MitchellWellington, NZ
It has been a one of my absolute privileges to be involved in and part of interACT. We do and are making a difference.