In one day, many of our LGBTQI friends in North Carolina lost all protections… and all of the public bathrooms! Now we see how quickly our protections can disappear. This bill was proposed, debated, voted on by both legislative branches and signed by the governor in one day. And once one state topples, the rest follow right along, becoming more stringent and strident as they go. Each one wanting to outdo the last.

This is an emergency for all intersex people, along with every LGBTQI person we know.

This is an emergency for our children. 

As of today, some intersex people cannot legally enter a public bathroom in the state of North Carolina. Discrimination should not come at the hands of the state. interACT’s official response to HB 2 calls for an end to all efforts to force transgender and gender-variant individuals into segregated facilities without their consent as a result of a sex classification on a government-issued document. These efforts waste government resources and negatively impact all of our communities.