Watch AIC’s April 21st, all star panel on Huff Post Live including Board Members Sean Saifa and Dr. Arlene Baratz and staff  Pidgeon Pagonis and Anne Tamar-Mattis with fantastic host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.  If you have not yet seen these amazing folks in actions, now’s your chance–it will be the best 20 minutes of your day!


Ahmed and Pidgeon on Huff Post Live

Ahmed and Pidgeon on Huff Post Live


Huff Post Live Ahmed and Saifa with full panelHuff Post Live Pidgeon Close-up


  • Maddie Moran

    Maddie Moran is an intersex, queer and non-binary person living in Philadelphia. Maddie joined interACT as a Youth advocate in 2019, giving talks about their own medical history to advocate for bodily autonomy and respect for intersex variations. You can find their writing in Teen Vogue on intersex surgery and dating as well as a personal essay they wrote for interACT’s blog about having MRKH. Maddie comes to interACT with a history of justice-oriented work, most recently for people who are currently incarcerated.