What-IAD-means-grntxtHope. Change. Acceptance. Celebration. To me, those are the words I think of as I’m getting ready for Intersex Awareness Day.
Intersex people spend much of our lives in a negative loop. Sometime it’s a loop told to us by doctors. Sometimes it’s friends. Or family. Or school. Or society as a whole. Sometimes, it’s a negative loop we keep telling ourselves. Whatever it is, this negativity sets us back from living happy, healthy, and empowered lives as intersex people. It keeps us from appreciating our bodies, from loving ourselves, from accepting the diversities that we were born into.

It’s time to break that loop.

It’s time to take back those negative narratives.

To me, Intersex Awareness Day is a day for us to take all the negative things the world has told or done to us, and fight back. It is a day for us to let the world know that we’re here, we’re powerful, and we’re not going anywhere, anytime soon. IAD is a day for us to celebrate our bodies! We are strong, courageous fighters, here to tell the world that it’s okay to be different. It’s time we celebrate that, and show the world that intersex people don’t need to be fixed.  We are perfect the way we are! We are all incredible, unique individuals who should be lifted up, not torn down.

This October 26, I hope you will join us as we fight to let the world know how unstoppable intersex people are. Join me as we show the world that intersex people deserve everyone’s love and respect. IAD gives me hope that change can happen. It gives me hope that as a whole, we can start telling positive stories, instead of creating more negative ones. It gives me hope that we can be accepted in a society that has yet to have a place for us. If we keep celebrating the intersex people in our lives, it gives me hope that change can happen. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go change the world!