SCR-110: California’s Intersex-Affirming Resolution

SCR-110, a resolution passed by the state of California in August 2018, is the first legislation in U.S. history to name the harms of non-consensual medical interventions on intersex people.

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SCR-110: California’s Intersex-Affirming Resolution

The non-binding resolution, authored by interACT, Equality California, and California State Senator Scott Wiener, calls on the medical profession to heed international human rights guidelines and delay non-consensual procedures that would affect future sexual function—such as vaginoplasties, orchiectomies, and clitoral reductions—until an individual can participate in the decision. It represents a historic first step toward policy that centers the rights and voices of intersex people.

What is SCR-110?



“…The Legislature recognizes that intersex children should be free to choose whether to undergo life-altering surgeries that irreversibly—and sometimes irreparably—cause harm.”

Who else supported SCR-110?

Senator Scott Wiener, Equality California, and interACT had fantastic supporters nationwide who helped get our message of celebration to the ears of California’s legislators. These partners included: