interACT Youth Membership Form

  • Some members prefer a pseudonym if they aren't publicly intersex.
  • i.e., sophomore in college studying philosophy, or graduated h.s. and working at restaurant
  • Demographic Questions
    These questions help us and our funders get a better idea of interAct's demographics. We use these statistics for grants and funders.
  • (cultural, nationality, ancestry, etc)
    (a person who is not white or of European parentage)
  • (that you're comfortable sharing)
    How do you identify?
  • She, He, They, Ze, etc.
  • (for any in person meetings)
    The sky is the limit!
  • Tell Us a Little More About You

    Please complete the questions below so we can know more about you and your needs, desires, and passions inside interAct. This is a safe forum, so feel free to be as candid, brief, or elaborate as you wish.
  • (if no, would you like to be?)
    Check all that apply.
  • Please write a short 140-character bio to be used on our website.