Join interACT in celebrating another historic TV milestone – the first time an intersex person has portrayed an intersex character!

We’ve been working with MTV and Faking it since the beginning consulting on the development of “Lauren” – the first recurring intersex character on TV.  Now one of our own interACT youth members is appearing on the show as “Raven” from interACT in episode 304!

Played by Amanda Saenz, “Raven” is a non-binary teenager representing another experience in the wide ranging diversity found in the intersex community.  interACT thinks its important to increase the visibility of a variety of intersex experiences and applauds MTV and Faking it for listening!

What people are saying about the 1st Intersex person to play an Intersex character on TV

“I am so proud of Faking it and MTV for not only introducing the first intersex main character, but now also the first out intersex person portraying an intersex character on TV! “ – Carter Covington, Faking It creator


“Intersex representation is rare in the media landscape, and is usually disingenuous or sensationalized. But Faking It creator Carter Covington consulted with interACT from the start of Lauren’s storyline to make sure it was accurate and respectful.“ – Dan Avery at NewNowNext [Read More]


“It’s been an honor to play Lauren and help bring some awareness to such an underrepresented community.  Working with interACT to develop Lauren’s character and working with interACT member Amanda in their portrayal of Raven” for episode 304 has been a really rewarding experience.” – Bailey DeYoung, Lauren on Faking It


“I applaud Faking it and showrunner Carter Covington for keeping it real by consulting intersex youth and casting one of them in a role that highlights interACT’s important intersex advocacy work.“ – I.W. Gregorio, author of intersex novel, None of the Above 

“Including authentic intersex youth voices is essential to the genuine portrayal of young intersex characters in the media. After all, we aren’t that rare, but until recently we’ve  been invisible.“  Alice Alvarez, interACT Youth member & interACT Board member

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Today history will be made when the 1st #intersex person plays an #intersexonTV on #FakingIt as an @interACT_adv  youth advocate.

Authentic #intersex representation and visibility on #Fakingit #intersexonTV @interACT_adv youth.

Keeping it real with #intersexonTV tonight on #Fakingit @interACT_adv youth.

Watch the Episode with Us

Watch tonight’s episode and tweet live with “Raven” played by interACT youth member, Amanda. Then stick around to ask your questions live during a Google Hangout after the show. [click for more info]

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