So called “bathroom bills” are multiplying at alarming rates.

With the passage of HB2 in North Carolina we now see how quickly our protections can disappear.  Our LGBTQI community is being targeted, first in response to inclusive anti-discrimination protection, and now more broadly…we are losing access to public bathrooms!

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This is an emergency for all intersex people, along with every LGBTQI person we know.
This is an emergency for our children.


This is what you need to know:

  • These laws impact people born with intersex traits as well as gender nonconforming people.

  • Some intersex people cannot legally enter a public bathroom in the state of North Carolina and other states.
  • Discrimination should not come at the hands of the state.

interACT calls for an end to all efforts to force transgender and gender-variant individuals into segregated facilities without their consent as a result of a sex classification on a government-issued document. These efforts waste government resources and negatively impact all of our communities.

interACT’s Official Response to HB2
interACT’s Official Response to HB2

interACT Youth members are speaking out! 

Amanda, Washington

Hann, California

Elena, Oklahoma

Robyn, Texas

Koomah, Texas

interACT stood in solidarity with the over 140 national, state and local organizations to sign a letter to
President Barak Obama

expressing appreciation for the strong statement by the White House against HB2, the harmful law that stripped protections for LGBT people across North Carolina and directly targets transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming youth. The letter highlights the need for clear guidance to school districts and other agencies covered by federal sex discrimination laws.
[Read the letter]

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