Advancing Trans Movements Agenda (11.13.2013)_Page_1

AIC’s Director of Advancement Kimberly Zieselman was selected to travel to Berlin early December for Advancing Trans Movements Worldwide, a meeting for funders & activists working on gender diversity.  The gathering hosted by Open Society Foundations, Wellspring Advisors, in partnership with Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE), and representatives from trans movements in Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America.


The two-day event created a forum to learn, share strategy, ideas of thoughtful collaboration and funding realities on the issues facing Trans and Intersex communities working to realize their human rights and live in dignity.


AIC presented on a Safety & Violence panel discussing the serious human rights issue of medical violence and the lifetime of impact. Educating participants on cosmetic surgery (not for physical health), the effect of irreversible surgery, sterilization, dehumanizing medical exams & photography medical experimentation Intersex and DSD identified communities face throughout our lives.  In addition we also discussed the challenges of sustaining funding for critical work in the Intersex community, which often gets lumped together with LGBTQ, where the unique Intersex perspective and focus is lost.


“Advancing Trans Movements Worldwide was a great opportunity to meet both activists and funders and participate in important dialogue about both the intersex and trans movements worldwide. ”   Participants were chosen from an open call. From the more than 120 applications received, the working group selected 15 participants, coming from North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.