Q Ragsdale
Q RagsdaleCommunications Manager

Q Ragsdale has been performing, filming, strategizing, designing, and creating art for many years. Not content to pick one medium, Q has a broad range of talents that have led to involvement on projects ranging from directing plays and multimedia productions to implementing large scale marketing plans and producing movies. With a degree in video/film production from Southern Methodist University Q possesses a strong background in the performance, marketing, and urban entertainment industries.

Q is the driving force behind Orange Moon Media, a multi-function media company that specializes in marketing, strategic planning, brand management, video production, and graphic design. Q produced and directed No Ways Tired: Kathlyn Gilliam: an award-winning documentary about a woman who was instrumental in the desegregation of the Dallas school system.

Q has developed a passion for educating and uplifting the queer community through workshops, seminars, performance art, and the creation of online media. Identifying as Two-Spirit, Q has a special passion to increase awareness of gender justice issues and create positive visibility for the gender non-conforming community. Q help found the DFW Senators, a social and community group for masculine of center women in Dallas, Texas.

Q is a founding board member of BUTCH Voices, the largest organization for masculine-of-center identified people in the nation. Q currently serves on the board of The Brown Boi Project, a community of people working across race and gender to eradicate sexism, homophobia and transphobia and create healthy frameworks of masculinity and change.