Intersex (sometimes referred to as “Differences of Sex Development”) is an umbrella term describing people born with variations of internal and/or external sexanatomy, resulting in bodies that can’t be classified as typically male or female. People are usually taught that sex is black and white, but that’s simply not true. There are a lot of awesome gray areas in the middle!

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The interACT Youth program gives young intersex advocates in their teens and twenties a place to connect with peers and develop leadership skills to raise awareness and change the world. It is a program run by intersex youth, for intersex youth. All of our members are 13 – 29, have intersex traits, and are in a place where they are ready to speak out about their experiences.


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Our program is specifically designed to empower youth to talk about their experiences in a positive, effective manner. Members meet in google hangouts where they connect and collaborate on projects, and regular communicate on a private facebook group. interACT is connected to a wide network of intersex people, advocates, and professional allies. We provide training to help members develop their leadership and advocacy skills.

Joining interACT Youth program gives members access to incredible resources to help them reach their individual goals as both proud intersex youth and community leaders.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please head over to our application form! We welcome members in their teens and twenties who want to speak out about their experiences, but if you’re under 18 we do need parental permission. Please email our Youth Coordinator.

To find out more about interACT the organization, see the main FAQ page.

Not at all! Though we love it when our members are public with their stories and experiences, we understand that not everyone is in a place to openly talk about them. interACT Youth is supportive of people in all stages of their journey. Many of our non-open members work behind the scenes on projects to help raise awareness, like writing blogs, answering questions for a group interview, or creating marketing brochures.
Not yet, unfortunately. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, interACT Youth is a group of young advocates, not a support group. While we provide a very supportive environment, we focus solely on advocacy and raising awareness to the general public. Our young members get peer support through engaging with one another, but most are also connected to a support group where they can ask questions and turn to others for advice about their experiences. Some of our work can be triggering, no matter where our youth are on their journey, so having that additional support system is vital. If you’ve never met anybody else before, most likely you’ll want to build that first. The AIS-DSD Support Group is a great place to get information and peers support. Then come back to us when you’re ready!!
While we are happy to help in whatever way we can, unfortunately we do not have the medical education to provide you with informed advice. If you think you might be intersex, try to find a doctor that you’re comfortable with in your area, even if they aren’t very knowledgable about intersex traits. It’s important to speak up for yourself in the doctor’s office, and a good doctor will help work with you to get the proper care that you need. Usually, that means listening to you and respecting your needs as a person. Please see our What We Wish Our Doctors Knew for a brochure on proper intersex, care. Print it out and bring it with you the doctros office to help educate them on your needs. Based on what you know about your body, sometimes karyotype tests (chromosome tests), ultrasounds, MRIs, or other procedures might need to be done in order to determine intersex status. Once you’ve come to a conclusion about your intersex traits, read up on them here. [LINK TO DEFINITIONS]. Once you have that information, it can be easier to switch to another doctor if you’re unhappy with your current one. It might be helpful to write down some of the information about your body on an index card to bring with you as you shop around for a good doctor, that way you don’t have to keep repeating yourself.
Welcome!! It might seem scary right now, but it’s not, we promise! Read up everything you can about your intersex traits, and head over to the AISDSD Support Group. They can help introduce you to many other people just like you! Remember, intersex people aren’t rare, they are just usually invisible. Maybe there’s even someone in your hometown!
Awesome! We’d love to come talk at your school, work, or interAct-Youth-MarketingBrochure-Ali-presentingbirthday party. Well, maybe not birthday party. But some other event would be great. Please email our Communications Manager and let us know what you’re looking for.

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