Our Executive Director, Kimberly Zieselman, was asked to contribute to the Boston Pride Guide, the official annual publication of Boston Pride. Boston Pride “creates change and progress in society by embracing our community’s diverse history, culture, and identities, promoting community engagement and inclusivity, and striving for visibility and respect in unity.” 

In the article written by Kimberly, she states:

The LGBTQA community and intersex global rights movement are battling some of the same societal constraints associated with not fitting into narrow understandings about bodies and identities. Most intersex people share the common experiences of discrimination, stigma, and shame based on non-binary notions of sex, gender, and sexual orientation. Many intersex people struggle with sexuality and feelings of abnormality, which are perpetrated by doctors’ framing of intersex as a ‘disorder’. Although intersex is not a sexual orientation, it can be an important identity that some have reclaimed and celebrated in the face of medical providers who have felt intersex is shameful and should be kept hidden.

Read the entire Boston Pride Guide and please share it using the url: www.bostonpride.org/guide