The Independent, a British national morning newspaper published in London has release it’s Rainbow List for 2015. The Rainbow List is an annual celebration of pioneers and influencers in the LGBTQ and now I communities. A statement pulled from the paper’s website talks about the importance of this year’s list.


“This list, in its 16th year, would be about pioneers. It would recognize and celebrate those who had paved the way for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality, but it would also actively celebrate those who, in 2015, fought for recognition from the intersection of different cultures, religions, and identities. It would celebrate those fighting adversity. It would celebrate those actively working to raise visibility and change lives.”

In an article about the list The Independent also reflected on including Intersex activists on the list for the first time.

“We have five new entries in the top 10 alone. Three intersex activists now occupy two of our top five spots, demonstrating just how important we think the fight for intersex rights is.”

We are excited that Intersex activists have been included in this year’s list and want to congratulate all of those named as well as those who have supported their work. The Intersex activists celebrated on this year’s list are:

#2 Sarah Graham
Addiction expert and intersex advocate

Sarah Graham

Graham sits on the Government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, and runs a weekly LGBTI addictions and recovery therapeutic group for all. But she is also one of this country’s most influential intersex advocates. She is also a stand-up comic.

#5 Dawn Rachel Vago and Holly Greenberry
Co-directors, Intersex UK
(New entry)

Dawn Rachel Vago and Holly Greenberry

Vago and Greenberry have been tirelessly advocating for intersex rights behind the scenes for years, working to end unnecessary surgery and promote body autonomy for intersex children and adults. They work to raise public awareness and provide educational outreach.

#29 Dr Jay Hayes-Light
Director of the UK Intersex Organization
(New entry)

Hayes-Light runs UKIA, an advocacy group for intersex people. The group, founded in 2000, campaigns against non-consensual surgeries and hormonal treatments on intersex babies and young people, as well as working to promote intersex rights and awareness.

#81 Helen Belcher

A founder of Trans Media Watch, a charity that aims to improve media coverage of trans and intersex issues, Belcher presented the charity’s evidence at the Leveson inquiry and recently gave evidence before the Women and Equalities Committee in Parliament.

Former AIC Staff member, Pidgeon Pagonis and current AIC board member, Mani Mitchell were both listed as international influencers on the list.