And that’s OK!

As intersex adults, some of us know what it means to be open about being born with intersex traits, and encourage others, particularly our youth, to be proud while also taking the time they need to make personal decisions about disclosure while working towards changing society’s discriminatory bias against intersex bodies.


Intersex people have long been an invisible part of society.

To show solidarity with our youth we are encouraging any intersex adult to submit childhood photos as we were all once intersex youth as well.

We want the world to hear our voices, know our stories and join the fight for our rights to end unnecessary cosmetic surgeries on unconsenting children.

To do this we need to be visible while also protecting and uplifting those who need the most support, our intersex youth.

By submitting your photo

you are standing in the place of an intersex youth who is still in early stages of their journey and not yet ready to be visible.


Stand with and for interACT youth

as we make “i” no longer stand for invisible but instead for interACT!


With your permission, we will use your photos on our new website to help raise awareness and represent our intersex youth mission.

Stay tuned! Our new website will launch later this month!