Karen A. WalshKaren is an advocate for people with intersex traits. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Advocates for Informed Choice; and on the Advocacy Advisory Network (AAN), which works with physicians on the NIH-funded Disorders of Sex Development-Translational Research Network (DSD-TRN). Karen’s lifelong medical experiences as an intersex woman with Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (CAIS), as well as her longstanding membership in support groups for the intersex population, have informed and shaped her approach to patient advocacy. She’s been speaking publicly about how to improve the standard of care for individuals with DSDs (Differences of Sex Development) throughout their entire lifespan – trying to shift the focus onto lifelong health and wellbeing, and away from infant/childhood surgeries and other interventions. She also works with individual physicians, oncology researchers, human rights organizations and the National Institutes of Health, focusing on how to end the confusion between what’s truly medical versus what are the social misperceptions about sex and DSDs. Teaching that no body is shameful, she advocates a compassionate and fact-based collaboration between affected individuals, parents and care providers, promoting a more self-deterministic approach. Karen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Experimental Psychology from Georgetown University, as well as certifications in Project Management. In her professional life in Information Technology, she is a subject matter expert and best practices advisor in cybersecurity for HIPAA compliance in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies.